Sunday, December 19, 2010

Concept Review Of the Assigned Book

After reading this book, the key concepts seemed to be centered around memory wellness of both the student and teacher. Proficient understanding of cognitive learning helps both the students absorb and comprehend material more and allows teachers to improve their classroom knowledge. If a teacher seems bored or does not enjoy the content material that is required, imagine what/how the students feel trying to learn this material.
Since this book seemed aimed at the psychology of the mind and proficient learning, I intended to use some of the concepts I learned from this book, and introduce these concepts into my psychology class this spring. Since psychology is centered around the mind, brain and memory, it is important on my part to instruct this particular class with proficient "working" memory content. I hope to take the principles I learned in this book, to allow students to enjoy their short and long term cognitive skills.

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