Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maria Carmen Book Picture

I chose this picture because it reflects the content of the book “WhyDon’t Students like School”.

I feel that sometimes students see teachers as a foreign item and may think that we are not connected to them . We are the weird thing!

I also think that students can have the same feeling about school and especially, some subjects which they don't have any knowledge about what so ever.

The school is the "Foreign Field"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Clint Book Cover

I chose this elephant as my book cover for the book on Why Students Don't LIke School.  I chose this cover because of the words listed on the elephant.  Words like student, lessons, behavior, ideas and individual.  These words just seem like words that can either make school very enjoyable for a student or draw them near a dislike for the educational environment.  From what I have absorbed from the book the general theme seems to be cognitive learning.  I also like the symbolism the elephant represents because at times, students may feel like they have the weight of an elephant upon them with the expectations and requirements expected of them.  In addition, since an elephant is a slow moving creature, generally speaking isn't that what education is from K-12, but a slow moving creature that starts young and grows to maturity into the end result: the successful student.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nancy's book cover

I chose this image for "Why Don't Students Like School" because it seemed to represent the typical teenager plagued by frustration, hopelessness, and general teenage angst. Today's student faces pressure beyond academics; many struggle with social and emotional issues along with the responsibilities of jobs and extra-curricular activities. When you pile on an ever-changing curriculum that tries to keep up with evolving technology and take into account the teenage brain that seems to be more hard-wired for sleeping than thinking ...yikes! It's no wonder teachers face a room full of students who ask, "Why is this important? How am I going to use this in the future?"

Pat's Book Cover

I chose this picture of a little boy watching TV to illustrate "Why Student's Don't Like School" because it illustrates how student's of all ages are connected to technology whether it be the television or a video game or any other form of modern technology. Today's student's have been connected to some form of technology since they were born and for us to have them in school without the use of technology seems to me to be fruitless. They are used to fast paced, on the spot action. When they start school, I feel, we are out of line to think we can keep them engaged without the use of well planned technology. Technology can not just be technology for the sake of technology, but to keep our student's engaged and motivated in ways never possible in years past.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeff's Book Cover

I choose this picture for the title of "Why Don't Students Like School"
The photo was dated from a classroom in 1905. While most teachers embrace technology and change I think that everyone of us can think of at least one teacher in our schools now (2010) whose classroom probably still looks much like this one. Those teachers who still teach like they were taught and not taking advantage of new materials and technology available to them are one reason that a lot of students do not like school or do not feel challenged in school.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome to Literature Circle Eighteen!

Your Super Summarizer schedule is as follows:

Section One--Due October 28, Connie Carson
Section Two--Due November 4, Maria Carmen King
Section Three--Due November 11, Nancy Mertens
Section Four--Due November 18, Patricia Parks
Section Five--Due December 2, Jeff Rieckman
Section Six--Due December 9, Clint Nelson